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What is included in the 12 week program?

Specific Nutrition
  •  Recipes: Over 200 simple and tasty recipes
  •  Processed Foods: Why it is so bad and how to avoid it.
  •  Whats new: Understand all the current nutrition protocols and find whats right for you.
  •  Portion Control: Get this right - EVERYTIME!
  •  Breakfast: Stay your day on a good foot with the perfect breakfasts
  •  Macros: What are they and do you need to track them?
  •  Diabetes: Are you diabetic? How to reduce the risk.
  •  H2O: How much water is right for you?
  •  Organic: Is it worth it? Why it is not just overpriced veg.
What do you get?
Optimum Lifestyle
  •  Environment: How to optimise yours to maintain success.
  • Stress: Not only a silent killer but a cause of severe weight gain.
  •  Dining out?: How to enjoy dinner out without worrying about your diet
  •  Its all about you: Find time to put yourself first without guilt.
  •  Friends: What your support network says about you and how to improve it.
  •  Sex: Why Love, Sex and Relationships are key to weight loss!
  •  2018: What role is social media playing in your life?
  •  Illness: Fed up of getting colds? Never be ill again with this advice.
  •  Put the phone down!: The benefits of a digital detox.
  •  Mindset: The difference between a fixed and growth mindset - which are you?
What do you get?
Mental Strength
  •  7 Day Video Series: A definitive 7 day video series to put you in the correct head space for life..
  •  7 Day Meditation Program: A beginners guide to meditation to bring calm and focus into your life.
  •  Akabusi!!: Join Kriss Akabusi as he share his thoughts on why mental state is so important.
  •  Ying and Yang: The benefits of meditation and Yoga. - And how to start!
  • Mindfulness: What is it? And why should we all practice this on a daily basis.
  •  Guests: Videos from the worlds top mental strength and mindset coaches to help you optimise your life.
Essential Add Ons
  •  How to Quit: The 3 best ways to help you quit sugar for good!
  •  Get a grip: A specific habitual coaching course with guest coach, Ru Anderson!
  •  Supermarkets: Shopping lists and how to shop to maintain a healthy diet everyday.
  •  Experts: Industry experts share their knowledge in videos on all health and fitness subjects.
  •  2 x FREE bonuses for you upon completion of the 12 week program - You don't want to miss these!
Fit for Life
  •  Gym Programs: 3 comprehensive gym programs to take away and use straight away.
  •  Workout videos: 3 complete at home workouts that you can workout in time with me!
  •  HIIT Bank: A bank of 100+ at home HIIT workout videos.
  •  Building muscle: The benefits of Lean Muscle for weight loss and why you don't need to do hours of cardio to lose weight.
  •  Exercise without knowing it: What is accidental exercise and how everybody can be doing this.
  •  Complete Guide: An A-Z of sustainable weight loss video series.
  •  Gut Health: Join myself and industry expert Anna Marsh as we break down your gut.
  •  Prep: How to simply prep your food without spending hours in the kitchen.
  •  Listen: What Podcasts and Audible books are going to help inspire and grow you?
  •  Mindset: A 30 minute mindset presentation to keep you focused for life.
  •  Digestion: A full presentation on how your digestive system works and what you can do to maintain it.
  •  IBS: What causes it and how you can ease the symptoms.
  •  Hormones: Balance your hormones for optimum living.
  •  Having a bad day: How to stop a bad meal becoming a bad day, a bad week or derailing you totally.
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