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What is REALLY holding you back?
Join me on this journey as I help you to Break Through the Barriers that are Holding You Back!
Let's finally lose that baggage that is holding us back as we go live every two weeks to release those inner demons.

There will be tears and there will be laughter but most importantly - there will be breakthroughs, growth and results!!

Take a look at this recent post from one of my clients below...

He finally felt brave enough to say "I'm not OK" and just look at the support he has received within the first few hours!

No longer is he burying his head in the sand.
No longer is he pretending everything is ok.
No longer is he going through it alone!

After years in the health and wellness industry, I believe that most people know how to eat well and how to exercise - yet they still can not get the long term results they crave and deserve!

It has become so clear to me that there are always underlying causes that we do not want to talk about.

Maybe you don't feel we can talk to our Personal Trainer, Dietician, Nutritionist or health coach about them. Maybe you don't feel they are relevant when you are 'just trying to lose some weight'?

I can tell you know - these barriers are holding you back in EVERY ASPECT of your life!

Have you ever felt like any of the below:
  •  You lack confidence which restricts your growth and relationships.
  •  Depression is hiding you away from the world
  •  Past relationships are stopping you moving forward in your current relationships
  •  Your low self worth is bringing you down every day
  •  You feel lonely and have nobody to talk to
  •  You are hiding the real you from the world
  •  You struggle setting boundaries and feel you get walked over in all aspects of life
  •  You was bullied at school and that holds you back from developing your career
  •  You are always the victim and see bad things as "always happening to me"
  •  You procrastinate all the time to put off making tough decisions
  •  You feel your problems are stupid and you are embarrassed to talk about them
  •  You feel you should be 'more together' at your time of life
  •  All your friends seem happier and more organised in life than you
  •  You always worry about what others think of you
  •  You put others before you and feel guilty if you think of yourself first
"My Fear of speaking the truth held me back my whole life!"
It is time to stop whatever has been holding you back - RIGHT NOW!!

For years I felt safer burying my  head in the sand. Hiding away. Cocealing my problems!

I always felt stupid for sharing my problems. 
I felt nobody else would understand.
I felt lonely and restricted in every aspect of my life.
I knew I would cry but as a man, I felt I shouldn't.

But once I started to talk to people and started to share my feelings - my whole life changed!

I now have the confidence that was missing for 35 years.
My relationships are happier and stronger.
I create more success in my life because I operate without fear.
I have found people in my life in a whole new way and made deeper connections with everybody.
I understand the power of saying "I LOVE YOU" - to myself!!

Ultimately, I feel I can grow and move forward in my life knowing that I am being honest and open with myself and the people around me.

A huge weight has been lifted.

I am Healthier, Happier, Stronger and Fitter than ever before and I want to be able to share this wonderful experience, this wonderful life with you all.

I believe we should all be feeling like this everyday and I want to take you on that journey!

How does it work?
Come and join me in my Breaking Through the Barriers to Success group and finally let go of all those weights that have been holding you back for years!
Twice a week we will come together on a live call where we will all (and that includes me) share what is holding us back.

You will receive coaching throughout and we will be taking part in activities and games to help release those inner demons along the way but the biggest results will come from talking through with the group, in a totally safe environment, about what your barriers to success are.

I cannot tell you just how powerful it will be to share and then receive the support of the entire group.

To call it life changing is a huge understatement!

So sign up below, come and join me within the safe group and lets start your true breakthrough today!

If your here looking for weight loss, that will come once all this excess baggage has been dealt with. I promise you!

Right now, you do not realise how much all this is holding you back!

And remember, there is no right or wrong within this group.

There are no problems too silly and none too big that you should feel uneasy about sharing.

Let's go through this together.

Mark xx 

If you have gone through any of the struggles below, I GUARANTEE YOU that these will still be holding you back now if you have not dealt with the issue, talked about it or released the emotions tied to it. Not releasing these emotions will be poisoning you from the inside and restricting your ability to lose weight, gain confidence, meet a loving partner, become happier, find peace and grow. 

 Have you faced financial ruin? 
Been made bankrupt and too ashamed to talk about it?
 Have you been in debt?
Was you bullied at school?
 Did you have abusive parents? Physical and/or emotionally abusive.
 Have you been in destructive relationships?
 Have you been let down by family?
 Have you been forced to do things against your will by 'loving' partners?
 Have you ever hurt somebody else?
 Do you cry when you see your reflection in the mirror?
 Do you, or have you ever suffered with eating disorders?
 Do you struggle with emotional eating?
 Do you feel trapped? Lonely? Like you have nowhere to go?
 Have you ever hurt yourself?
 Do you feel like you will never meet the right partner?
 Are you stuck in a detructive and unhappy relationship?
 Are you staying together for the kids?

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